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Our Customers

Our Customers

Nulux Solutions mean different things to different customers.

See what Nulux can do for you and your industry:

  • Educational Institutions – further reduce your carbon footprint and introduce new learning tools
  • Retail & Commercial – cost savings in a tough industry meets enhanced environmental performance
  • Hotels, Property & Leisure – property values drive the sector, energy savings drive property values
  • Mining & Industrial – the greatest potential for savings of all sectors given energy intensity and the effectiveness of our solutions
  • Infrastructure – high quality predictable cash flows can be enhanced by energy saving
  • Governments – local, state and federal can benefit from Nulux energy infrastructure and energy saving solutions
  • Households – now Nulux offers an energy saving solution for homes and SMEs with the HomEC HS-100

See some of our case studies for successfully implemented Nulux solutions.

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

Our key business areas are: