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Educational Institutions

Nulux Energy Solutions Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions – schools, universities and technical colleges – benefit greatly from the Nulux approach.

Delivering sustainability and financial returns are two sides of the same coin for Nulux. Our solutions – like the ComEC energy controller – optimise voltage delivery to ensure your plant and equipment runs more efficiently, uses less energy and lasts longer. The yield of your existing solar PV installations is enhanced. Your energy and cost savings are maximised.

Our technologies deliver not only energy savings but a comprehensive energy management system to monitor performance and show real-time savings. This can be used in classrooms and learning situations as well as by school administration.

We provide flexible financing options to deliver value and enhance ROI to levels not typically associated with environmental solutions. Educational institutions may take advantage of Nulux’s Energy Saving Sharing Scheme. In many instances we can provide our energy saving technologies to schools with zero up front capital investment. Verified energy savings are shared between Nulux and the educational institution over several years, but the environmental benefits start from day one.


Nulux also provides specialist electrical engineering services and our switchboards and controls to the education sector. We also work closely with organisations providing maintenance and other services to educational institutions.

Solutions from Nulux that may be of particular interest to educational institutions and service providers to the education sector include our ComEC Voltage Optimiser, our Energy Management System and our Switchboards and Controls,

As educators we should help facilitate goals and help cast a vision for students that will, not only, stretch their imaginations, but also their beliefs regarding what is possible – Sam Pabon

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

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