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Infrastructure Assets

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Infrastructure Assets

The growth of the privately owned infrastructure sector in the past two decades has seen a huge number of toll roads, tunnels, airports, railways and seaports emerge as a new private economic sector. Investors like the sector because of its predictable long term cash flows, a characteristic which accounts for the high equity market multiples at which infrastructure businesses trade.

Most infrastructure owners are highly aware of costs and work hard to reduce them. Nevertheless Nulux sees many further opportunities for further substantial energy cost reduction in the infrastructure assets in Australia, for example:

  • escalators and travelators at airports, railway stations and transport hubs should be fitted with our SinuMEC motor control solution providing around 15-20% in energy savings, extended equipment life and a superior customer experience
  • if incoming grid voltages are high, as is the norm in Australia, the entire premises may benefit from the installation of our ComEC voltage optimisers
  • our SmartLEC lighting controller provides a simple and cost effective alternative to the wholesale replacement of lighting infrastructure with LEDs

Given that the typical investment payback period for our energy saving solutions is two to four years (say, 3 years) and the infrastructure sector’s valuation multiples are generally high – let’s pick a multiple for this example of 12 times – every dollar spent on our energy saving solutions can lift the value of your assets by around four dollars.

If you are an owner or manager of infrastructure assets can you afford not to understand the potential for further energy savings in your assets?

Take a look at our case studies page for some examples of successful implementation of our energy saving technologies, for example:



SinuMEC motor controllers were installed in escalators at a central city bus station. Benefits include reduction of operational costs by 23% – 26% and a return on investment of around two years.




A 39 kilometer motorway reduced their annual electric costs and carbon emissions by 21%  without changing the lighting infrastructure through the adoption of SmartLEC.




A large container port installed ComEC voltage optimisation resulting in saved energy, reduced costs and lowered carbon emissions.



Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

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