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Mining & Industrial

The mining and industrial sectors offers the greatest opportunity for energy saving because of the sheer quantum of energy consumed and the effectiveness of Nulux’s energy saving solutions in reducing that.

Motors – SinuMEC

The Nulux SinuMEC electric motor control solution is a new category of AC motor controller that uses
Sinusoidal voltage control to save energy and improve operations. The SinuMEC uses PowerSines patented VVC technology to provide complete electric motor efficiency and energy savings. SinuMEC is designed to work with AC motors running at constant speed while carrying variable loads.

Consider your conveyor and materials transport systems: our SinuMEC motor control solution provides boxmovearound 15-20% in energy savings, extends equipment life and reduces maintenance requirements. Our SinuMEC motor control technology is also effective in reducing energy consumption on crushers, granulators, screens and sifters – indeed any motor which must run at constant speed with a varying load is a potential candidate.

SinuMEC is available to control motors from 5kW to 90kW in-line (or 130kW inside Delta). Larger SinuMEC models are currently under development by Nulux and PowerSines.

Large Scale Lighting – SmartLEC

Many of the large scale lighting systems of our mining and industrial customers still use traditional refnighttechnologies. The costs involved in changing lighting infrastructure to LED systems mean that it may be many years before changing the lighting infrastructure can be justified. In the meantime these lights are wasting energy and money. Nulux’s SmartLEC offers the solution.

Nulux’s SmartLEC energy efficiency solution for outdoor lighting offers up to 38% energy savings by:

  • controlling the voltage supplied to the lighting circuit
  • operating lights efficiently by user defined time schedules
  • reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs

General Loads – ComEC

If you are in Australia it is likely that the incoming grid voltage will be higher than your plant and equipment is designed for causing energy wastage, heat generation and shortening equipment operating lives. If this is the case your entire premises can benefit from the installation of our ComEC voltage optimisers.

Custom Electrical Infrastructure  switchdrawer

Nulux also offers custom designed and manufactured low voltage (up to 1000 volts) switching and control solutions to meet the specific needs of our mining and industrial customers. Talk to us about stainless steel enclosures, special protection requirements and custom features to meet the needs of specific industries.


Mining & Industrial Energy Saving case studies

Take a look at our case studies page for some examples of successful implementation of our energy saving technologies in the mining and industrial sectors, for example:

Optimised Motor Performance in Quarry Conveyor Belts.

qua This case study presents measurements and explains the results of a field test conducted with the advanced Motor Energy Controller (SinuMEC). A SinuMEC 15KW model was installed at a quarry to control an inductive electric motor of 15 KW/30A which operates a conveyor.

Reduced Losses in Cement Factory Bucket Elevator.      

holcim Energy savings in a bucket elevator at one of the world’s largest cement company’s plants. Benefits include reduction of operational costs by 40% and a return on investment of 15 to 24 months.


New Stainless Steel Switchboards and Power Boxes at Illawarra Grain Terminal.

grai Programmed Industrial Maintenance commissioned stainless steel custom built switchboards and mobile stainless power boxes from Nulux for Quattro Ports Illawarra Grain Terminal. The system was highly specialised including mining level protection systems.


SmartLEC in MAN Trucks Automotive Factories.

man-logoThe first SmartLEC system was installed in the MAN Niepolomice plant. MAN concluded that SmartLEC provides 24% saving with attractive ROI and fully complies with the lighting requirement in the factory. The most appealing fact was that the installation does not require any changes in the existing lighting infrastructure and fixtures, and that there is minimum disturbance to on-going production.


Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

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