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Our Distributors

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Our Distributors

Nulux’s distributors are our trusted partners, able to offer you our full range of energy saving solutions as well as our switchboards and controls. In each case they can also offer you their own value-adding services.

Western Australia

Hero Engineering

Hero EngineeringHero Engineering is an innovative solutions provider with focus on electrical, control and safety systems, electrical energy reduction and instrumentation for today’s process industries.

Hero Engineering fills a gap in the E&I engineering market between the large EPCs and multinational technology providers. This niche approach has been provided to over 50 clients in 6 countries since 2006.

The name Hero originates from ‘Hero of Alexandria’ an engineer and mathematician accredited for his innovations in developing and applying feedback control systems.



KVA Group (Gold Coast & Brisbane)

KVA GroupResidential: KVA’s expert team are committed to providing you with the perfect solution for all your electrical needs. KVA can help with anything from a blown fuse to a complete rewiring job and anything in between. KVA offers expert advice and energy saving tips to make your home more energy efficient.

Commercial: The KVA team has a wealth of experience in all types of commercial and industrial electrics. KVA have completed many projects large and small all over the country.

Air Conditioning: For expert advice and speedy installation of any kind of air conditioning system you can’t go past the KVA team. KVA have designed and installed hundreds of systems for homes and business.

Solar: KVA’s team can help you take advantage of the suns energy with an expertly designed solar collection system. KVA’s experts can advise you on the best solution for your requirements, install the solar panels and a super-efficient storage system.

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

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