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Managing properties in the retail and commercial sector can be tough. Running a retail operation can be even tougher. The retail sector is extremely competitive, property rents are under pressure, and meanwhile your costs – particularly energy costs – are rising. Energy savings is one of the few areas where there are still some obvious savings to be made which can boost the value of your business.

If you are in Australia it is likely that the incoming grid voltage will be higher than your plant and voltijeequipment is designed for causing energy wastage, heat generation and shortening equipment operating lives. If this is the case your entire premises can benefit from the installation of our ComEC voltage optimisers. The ComEC (Commercial Energy Controller) is a field-proven system cutting electricity consumption in commercial and retail environments by setting and keeping the voltage where it should be for optimum plant & equipment performance.

  • Providing immediate savings of up to 18%
  • No changes to your infrastructure is required
  • Compatible with all types of equipment
  • Easy to install and wall-mountable next to your electric distribution board


Even more savings are to be had when you consider your escalators, an essential part of your retail infrastructure: They work seven days a week and the average escalator costs several thousand dollars per year to run, most of that in energy costs.

Our SinuMEC motor control solution provides around 15-20% in energy savings, extends equipment life and offers a superior customer experience. The escalator doesn’t stop or slow when it has few passengers, it operates at the same speed using much less energy.

Take a look at our case studies page for some examples of successful implementation of our energy saving technologies in the retail sector, for example:

ComEC saves 10-13% across 275 petrol stations and 235 convenience stores.

After a successful evaluation, ComEC VS was installed across all sites achieving consistent savings of electricity in the range of 10-13%. In addition, reduction in maintenance costs and appliances’ failure were registered, as well as vital reduction in CO2 emissions.


More Efficient Escalator Use at Major Department Stores.

galeria_kaufhof_mu%cc%88nchen_1 Galeria Kaufhof is the leading department store chain in Germany, owned by Canada’s Hudsons Bay Group. It has 105 department stores with more than 2 million customers daily. Electricity is one of the most significant operating expenses. SinuMEC was tested and chosen to reduce energy consumption. It provides ongoing saving in electricity in the range of 15 -23% on escalators across the chain

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

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