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Electrical Engineering

Nulux Energy Solutions Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is all about the provision and management of energy for our world.

As we explore more fully in What we do, in the last hundred years there has been a major shift in the focus of our civilisation toward energy and its consumption. There has been a staggering ten fold increase in global energy consumption in the last 100 years. A world without energy on tap has become unthinkable. We have become addicted to energy consumption.

With the explosion in energy usage has come a growing realisation that our sources of energy are finite and many of these are damaging our planet.
Managing energy supply and consumption has become one of the key challenges of the 21st century.
It is with this in mind that Nulux offers engineering based solutions to help combat increasing energy concerns. How? By blending technical knowledge, specialised skills and excellence in design, to provide customers with the most appropriate engineering solutions. As a result, customers experience lower energy costs, improved electrical capacity and efficiency.
Nulux’s electrical engineering services encompass:

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

Our key business areas are: