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Energy Optimisation Surveys: Start Here

Nulux Energy Solutions Energy Optimisation Surveys: Start Here

Energy Optimisation Surveys: Start Here

Let Nulux help you invest in energy saving

  •                       Long term investments returning 20-50% per annum
  •                       Low risk, predictable cash returns
  •                       Government incentives to boost returns
  •                       Backed by the organisation you understand best, your own!

             Remember, the cheapest, least polluting energy is the energy you don’t use!

The three easy steps to attractive returns: 

1. Define the prize

If your energy bill is $10,000+ per month or more Nulux’s Energy Optimisation Survey is your first step to savings. After reviewing your electricity bills and supplier data our team of engineers and technicians come to you. We review your energy consuming equipment, if necessary place additional temporary metering equipment on your site, and analyse your power usage and efficiency. We design energy efficiency upgrades and quantify the outcomes. An investment in our EOS starts from just $10,000 and is fully rebateable against the solutions delivered!

 2. Select your solutions

Nulux presents you with a range of upgrade options together with costs and forecast energy savings and financial returns. Expect annual returns of 20% on your investment, often much more. Our upgrades are all proven products which Nulux has selected and stands behind, like our PowerSines voltage optimisers and motor controllers. You choose the energy upgrades you want and Nulux will deliver, install and commission them .

 3. Reap the benefits

Enjoy your energy efficient business and reap the benefits in savings, month on month, year on year. When energy prices rise so do your savings. Nulux provides you with tools to monitor and manage your savings and we stay in the picture as your long term partner. We help extend your savings to your customers, your tenants and your business partners all the while boosting your bottom line.

Nulux Energy Optimisation Survey – Standard charge: within 200km of Sydney or the Illawarra

One month’s energy bill for your premises

Fully rebateable against energy saving solutions delivered by Nulux

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

Our key business areas are: