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Energy Saving Technologies

Nulux Energy Solutions Energy Saving Technologies

Energy Saving Technologies

Our energy saving toolkit

Many businesses still view energy efficiency as a compliance and cost issue. With Nulux’s approach and expertise it can instead be a major profit centre.

Power Quality, Motor Control and Voltage Optimisation

Any equipment containing electric motors can be made to operate more efficiently by supplying it with clean power, free of spikes and harmonics, at the optimum voltage and current. Nulux is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for PowerSines, one of the world’s technology leaders in the areas of power quality, voltage optimisation and motor control. The ComEC voltage optimiser can reduce the energy consumed by commercial users by up to 18%. The SinuMEC motor controller can achieve even greater savings in electric motors running at constant speed under varying load. The results of adopting these technologies in terms of energy savings and financial returns can be remarkable.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Nulux has an extensive range of energy efficient lighting for your car park, your offices, your plant areas and your production floor. With energy savings to be made of 25% to 75% through the energy efficiency of LEDs plus even more from Nulux’s smart sensors control systems the savings and the returns will delight your managers and accountants as well as your customers and employees.

For situations where energy savings are desired without changing your lighting infrastructure Nulux can supply and install the SmartLEC lighting energy controller. SmartLEC delivers energy saving of up to 40 percent with conventional lighting with a simple, quick installation.

Energy Efficient Plant & Equipment

Whether your plant is air conditioning, pumping or processing Nulux specialises in upgrading your equipment, systems and controls to the energy efficiency state-of-the-art. Furthermore the Nulux approach ensures that your upgrade dollars bring you the maximum bottom line benefits.

Measure & verify savings

Monitor savings and control your system from your desktop. Nulux’s Smart Energy Management System brings reporting and control of your energy usage to your desktop. Our ComEC and SmartLEC systems contain integrated performance reporting systems automatically uploading data to the cloud 24/7. Nulux EKM smart meters can provide additional on-site monitoring at a granular level. Nulux’s EMS can integrate a full energy model of your business thus providing real time reporting of savings. The Nulux Smart EMS identifies and reports problems and pinpoints further energy saving opportunities as well as being your energy control centre.

Supplier, tenant and partner negotiations

Energy saving isn’t a solo exercise. You need to choose the right energy supplier and ensure that you have the right tariff. If you have tenants or partners you need to ensure that you receive a fair return for your energy saving investments. From business models to implementation and negotiations Nulux is there to assist.

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

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