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HomEC HS-100 Home Energy Controller

Nulux Energy Solutions HomEC HS-100 Home Energy Controller

HomEC HS-100 Home Energy Controller

See Peter James explain the HomEC HS-100 technology

With the HomEC HS-100 Nulux brings our PowerSines voltage optimisation technology to homes and small businesses.

HomEC HS-100The HS-100 Home Energy Controller for Single Phase Electrical Systems. Bringing affordable voltage optimisation to Homes and SMEs.

  • Installs onto the existing electrical infrastructure
  • Provides typical energy saving of 10%-14%
  • Includes smart monitoring of energy consumption electric parameters and CO2 emissions figures
  • Supplies voltage optimisation for the entire property
  • Robust system designed with smart features for seamless operation
  • Extends electrical equipment lifespan

HS-100 HomEC System Benefits:

  • Smart energy saving
  • Handling of all your loads
  • Provides smart power monitoring of energy consumption and electric parameters
  • Ensures voltage optimisation for the entire property
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Extends electrical equipment lifespan
  • Seamlessly integrates with PV and wind power systems
  • Enhances the yield of your renewable energy sources
  • Quickly and simply installed
  • Small footprint

Contact your nearest Nulux Certified Installer or simply ask your electrician to check the grid voltage at your premises. If it is 240V or above and you have a single phase power supply then the HS-100 will deliver significant savings. If you have no Nulux Certified Installer nearby the HS-100 can be purchased in our online store, but please remember it must be installed by a licensed electrician.

HS-100 HomEC Downloads

Nulux HomEC HS100 DatasheetDatasheet on the HomEC HS-100 home energy controller

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