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SinuMEC Motor Controller

Nulux Energy Solutions SinuMEC Motor Controller

SinuMEC Motor Controller

See Peter James explaining the SinuMEC energy saving Solution for electric motors

Nulux’s technology partner PowerSines produces the world’s most innovative and effective motor controller called SinuMEC for us. Why would you want one? SinuMEC benefits include up to 25% energy saving and CO2 reduction, longer motor life, reduced maintenance and a highly attractive return on investment. Where can it be used? Escalators, travelators, conveyor belts and other motor-driven equipment used in mining and industry.

SinuMEC for Mining and Industrial Electric Motors

SinuMECElectric motor efficiency techniques currently offer the biggest potential for energy savings while improving efficiency of motor components and systems.

  • Add production capacity with no increase to electrical consumption
  • Add more machinery on same infrastructure
  • Improve motor start up using pure sinusoidal voltage
  • A far superior solution to Variable Speed Drives for constant speed applications
  • Reduce maintenance costs and replacement parts
  • Simple installation with no programming or set up required

The Nulux SinuMEC electric motor control solution is a new category of AC motor controller that uses Sinusoidal voltage control to save energy and improve operations. The SinuMEC uses PowerSines patented VVC technology to provide complete electric motor efficiency and energy savings. SinuMEC is designed to work with AC motors running at constant speed while carrying variable loads.

Mining conveyor beltSinuMEC works with motors under variable electrical loads including:

  • conveyors
  • bucket elevators
  • crushers
  • granulators
  • screens
  • sifters

SinuMEC for Escalators

EscalatorsEscalators are an ideal application for SinuMEC. In a typical escalator application, SinuMEC provides energy savings of 10-25%, an investment payback of around two to three years and overall reduction of 50% on motor Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

SinuMEC’s Advantages for Escalators:

  • Reliable and Robust: A heavy-duty motor efficiency controller that can work in harsh electric environments, such as public transportation sites, where accelerating or slowing down electric trains generates severe electrical disturbances
  • Re-generative Energy: Uniquely designed to cope with re-generative energy, due to a down-loaded escalator, returning the energy back to the network without any additional filters or bypasses
  • Improved Power Quality: SinuMEC has a very low Total Harmonic Distortion and, unlike a Variable Speed Drive, it does not require any additional filters for suppressing harmonics
  • Motor Starter: Smooth motor starting with typical startup current at only 2 x the nominal, thereby reducing electric stress on the motor and electric network – continued monitoring of motor performance under operation

SinuMEC Downloads

Nulux SinuMEC DatasheetDatasheet on the SinuMEC energy saving motor controller
Nulux SinuMEC for MiningPresentation on SinuMEC for Mining and Quarrying
Nulux SinuMEC for EscalatorsPresentation on SinuMEC for Escalators and Travelators

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