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Smart Remote EMS Energy Management

Nulux Energy Solutions Smart Remote EMS Energy Management

Smart Remote EMS Energy Management

See Peter James explain the smart Remote EMS energy management system


The Smart Energy Management and Control System (EMS) provides comprehensive solutions for online monitoring, control and analysis of large-scale ComEC and SmartLEC installations over mobile networks and the InternetLight remote monitoring and control system for outdoor light control, based on a wireless GSM/GPRS technology.

Remote EMS Diagram

Remote EMS enables web access to online and real-time historical data, remote configuration of all system parameters and full configuration of sending alarms and events by SMS or email.


Remote Devices

  • Online Data Access
  • Smart Data Analysis
  • Alarms & Events
  • Scalable Solution
  • Plug & Control
  • Data Security


  • Maximized electricity savings through real-time, online control
  • Online control of parameters and remote configuration
  • Fully protected by GSM and VPN network security
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables deployment with a minimal initial investment
  • Built in metering in ComEC and SmartLEC systems may be supplemented by additional smart meters
  • Export data to Excel to build customised reports for analysis

Smart EMS Downloads

Nulux Remote EMS DatasheetDatasheet on the smart Remote EMS energy management system

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