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Performance Verification

Nulux Energy Solutions Performance Verification
Performance Verification

Performance Verification

Nulux has a rigorous process of performance verification for any technologies we introduce. Before a technology can become a Nulux solution it must pass the following steps:

  1. Reference checking – any technology which is new to our market needs to be first evaluated by our senior professional team. We will review overseas reference sites in detail and satisfy ourselves that a) the technology really does what it claims to do and b) it is likely to meet a need in the Australian market
  2. Independent Laboratory Testing – our preferred testing facility for energy saving technologies is the Australian Power Quality Centre at the University of Wollongong
  3. Safety and reliability testing – we are acutely aware that our customers have critical plant and equipment connected to Nulux electrical infrastructure and Nulux energy saving solutions. We realise that the safety and reliability of our equipment is paramount and we put our systems through a rigorous process to ensure that all electrical standards are adhered to and that the equipment is fundamentally safe and reliable. In the unlikely event that a piece of energy saving technology fails it must not interrupt the operation of our customers’ plant. It must be designed to switch itself out of the circuit so that the processes continue operating as they did before the new technology was added until the system is repaired.
  4. Assessment of suitability for Australian conditions – the Australian electrical system has a number of distinct differences to similar voltage European and Asian grids and Australia also has different climatic conditions. Compliance with our regulatory framework and with applicable Australian Standards needs to be reviewed.
  5. Economic evaluation – however technologically advanced, a solution which has a 10 year investment payback period is unlikely to be adopted broadly. We evaluate the economics under real local conditions and ensure that the expected economics are sufficiently attractive for it to be a commercial proposition – generally that means an ROI of at least 20% and often 30-50%+
  6. Local customer trials – the final step in our policy for approving a Nulux solution is a set of local customer trials to ensure that, not only are all the above steps complied with, but that the technology performs properly and effectively at Australian sites

University of Wollongong Test Report Summary on ComEC

ComEC testing UOW


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