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Nulux Solutions


Nulux specialises in delivering solutions to our customers, not just products.

For something to be considered a solution it must deliver a positive business outcome. A positive business outcome can only be calculated if it can be measured against a predetermined goal and some kind of baseline data.

Before we can determine the right solution for our clients we must first understand their challenges and devise a combination of products and services to address these, measure our results, and finally prove that we have delivered an effective solution.


What does that mean in practice?

  • we work with you, our customers, to define and design the right solutions
  • Sourcing of the right products globally, manufacture of custom hardware, assembly, system integration, installation and commissioning are all part of the solution
  • We measure and quantify the performance of our solutions against baseline data and offer independent verification of that performance
  • Ongoing service and maintenance are part of your Nulux solution

See more about our Nulux Solutions here including energy saving solutions, electrical engineering solutions and electrical infrastructure solutions.

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

Our key business areas are: