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Nulux focuses on technologies which provide electrical infrastructure at the enterprise level and reduce the consumption of electrical energy. Our technology-driven solutions reduce and optimise your energy usage – lowering electricity and maintenance costs, extending electrical equipment’s lifetime, and cutting down CO2 emissions.

We search the world for the most effective and appropriate technologies to deliver our solutions. In doing so we consider the stage of development of the technology, the suitability for our market in Australia, the economic benefits achievable from incorporating the technology into our solutions and, importantly, the attitude of the technology developer. We are looking for partners who we can work with to apply the technology to achieve maximum benefits and wherever possible to improve it further.

Here are a few of the technologies that we are currently excited about:

Electric Motor Control: Electric motors consume around 45% of the world’s generated electricity and they are fundamentally inefficient. An electric motor needs to be designed so that it can cope with the maximum load that it is likely to encounter but it spends most of its life operating at far lower loads. Is the motor efficient at these lower loads? No. If properly controlled a motor can operate using much less electrical power when it has a lower load. Previous attempts at solutions like variable speed drives slowed the motor but this doesn’t save energy and it leads to poor power quality. This problem has now been solved and we are  very excited about applying that solution here in Australia with our SinuMEC motor controller.

Voltage Optimisation: Our electrical system in Australia delivers power at around 20 volts higher than most equipment is designed for. That causes overheating, wastes energy and shortens equipment lives. We have, we believe, the world’s best technology to solve that problem: the ComEC voltage optimisers. Voltage optimisation technology is not just for major commercial and industrial customers: Nulux has also introduced a voltage optimisation unit for Australian homes and small businesses – the HomEC HS-100.

Energy Efficient Lighting: The LED revolution has been underway for nearly a decade now with virtually all incandescent lights having being replaced and the remaining fluorescents due for replacement (although it is disconcerting to see some brand new office buildings still fitted with T5 fluorescents – get with it Australia!)

It isn’t simply a question of upgrading lighting technology however. Lighting control systems can achieve even greater savings and tell you how long lighting units have been in use and when they are due for replacement. Innovations like our SmartLEC lighting energy controller provides energy savings with your existing lighting infrastructure.

Energy Management and Control: This is undoubtedly the most effective energy saving technology in that if a light or electric motor is switched off you are saving 100% of its energy consumption. Comprehensive energy management systems to monitor and control every energy consuming device are clearly the way of the future and a surprising amount of that functionality is available right now like our Smart EMS Energy Management System.

Nulux aims to continuously improve our customers' ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

Our key business areas are: